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Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's Up With My Foot?


Pain. I've got pain in my foot. My left foot is still hurting. It began in Disney as I mentioned in the previous post. It got better the last couple of days, probably b/c we didn't walk as much. I thought it was gone but it's back and hurting worse than it ever did on the trip. I ran 5 miles Thursday night and it started to hurt as I was finishing up the run. Then yesterday, Friday, it hurt badly all day long. I decided not to run on it yesterday and ice it down last night. I think that helped. I iced it again this morning and will continue to do so all day today. This is scary for several reasons:

1. I've never had an injury like this where I couldn't run. I've had minor knee pain but it usually goes away when I start to run.
2. I haven't run this week much at all. Because of Disney at the beginning of the week and now this, my week total is pitiful.
3. I'm supposed to run 18 miles tomorrow and I really don't want to skip it. I didn't do a long run last weekend b/c of Disney so I hate to take off 2 long runs in a row.
4. I have a 5K next weekend. My first one in a long time and I really want to run it.
5. I have a marathon in a little over a month and I have to keep my training going for it.

I'm sure there are other reasons this is scary but I don't want to be too scary. I think what I'll do is ice it a lot today and not run today. I'll try my 18 tomorrow and see how it goes. I'm sure if I make the 18 I'll be in a lot of pain Monday. I can continue to ice it all week and be ready for the 5K. I'm just hoping and praying it gets better quickly and it's nothing serious. I also hope it doesn't need a doctor visit b/c I really don't have the time. This next week is going to be very busy. It's the Region meet on Thursday for the HS which I've been helping with. And the MS awards dinner is Monday night. No time for doctor visits.

I'll keep you posted on how I'm feeling. This is annoying and frustrating. I don't like not running. It feels weird.

Oh well even though I can't right now....
Keep runnin',

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