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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Radnor Lake

10:46 AM

Ladders went well yesterday. Only problem - the car alarm wouldn't go off. I was holding down the stinkin' panic button for about 2 minutes and nothing was happening. The whole team was staring at me and probably wondering what in the world I was doing just standing there looking at them. So then I pressed another button and the door came open. I heard a couple of them say "why is that car door opening?" So the whole alarm thing flopped, but I just ad libbed. The lights flash when you unlock it so I just used the "wonder why that car's lights are flashing." I'm an idiot, I know. I did trick a few of them who thought we were doing a scavenger hunt. I'm sure they were thrilled that it was ladders instead. But yes, like I said - I had more than one runner come up and say, "These really aren't that hard." Every year.

Today, we are going to Radnor Lake. They love this practice. I call it "Pepsi/Snicker Day". It's named after a practice I did in High School when our coaches would reward us with carbonated drinks (a runner no-no, but oh well) and candy bars. I'm doing the same for them today. And Radnor is the best place in the world to run. I'm hoping the rain holds off, but there's a line of storms coming. We'll see. I would love to run Radnor in the rain but not sure I can take a whole team there. No doubt we'll see some deer if we go with the cooler weather. You can defintely see God all over the place there. Hope my runners see Him too.

More later.

Keep runnin'

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