What can I say? I love to run. I've run 4 full marathons and 6 halfs. But I love God more and I'm determined to run this race of life for Him to receive the ultimate prize of Heaven. I'd like to share my thoughts with you. You can agree or disagree. Comment or don't. You can read or not read. But it's here if you want it. Enjoy! .

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

New PR (And I Didn't Even Run!!)


I know, I know. I haven't been on here in 2 weeks. It is incredible how busy I am. The beginning of this school year has been CRAZY - to say the least. I'm hoping it'll slow down or at least even out soon. I apologize for not updating. My goal was at least once a week. I don't even have a lot of time right now. But here are some quick updates:

1. I ran 16 this morning. Good run. Had to stop and ...you know...toward the end but otherwise, good run. Averaged 8:07 per mile which I'm happy with. I'll do 16 again next week. Did it on Monday this week because we were out of town all weekend. Had to get up at 3AM which was a killer. Back to Sunday next week.

2. Still training for Chicago coming up on 10/10/10. So excited about that trip. Would love to break 3:30 but not sure if it will happen. My time to train is limited as well. But I am working out a lot with my CC team so that helps.

3. Speaking of....Cross Country is going well. We've had 3 weeks now and I'm enjoying spending time with these awesome runners. Our first meet is about 3 weeks away. Tonight is our beginning of the season party. Looking forward to that.

4. So I was looking around at the results of the Zoo run I did this year back in January. Not sure what made me look, but if you'll remember, I was a little upset when I saw the results the first time. They had my gun time and chip time the same which I knew wasn't right but I accepted it and decided to use it (19:55) so I could better it later. Well at some point (not sure when), they corrected it. My chip time now says 19:46. 9 seconds faster!! I didn't think it was quite that much but I'll take it. So my new 5K PR is 19:46. That'll be tough to beat. But I'm excited about the new PR.

5. I've done a couple of 5K's the past two Thursday nights with the CC team. Both have been in the low 21 minute range. It's a tough course and not on a road so I expected it to be a little slower. I'll try to break 21 this Thursday if I run.

Ok, out of time. Much more to talk about but it'll have to wait. Hopefully within a week.

Keep runnin',

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm A Big Chicken


I ran 14 miles on Sunday. Hadn't run that far since April. It went pretty well. I ran it a little slow - 8:40 pace. I like to keep it closer to 8:00 but I had no pains. I was tired of course. Ready to get home. I hosed off real quick and got in our redneck pool. It felt sooo good. I think I'll make that a weekly tradition for these long runs. I'll do 14 again this Sunday and hopefully get my time down a little. I'll try a different route as well. I was very happy when I weighed myself after the run. That's when I do my weekly weigh-ins. 152!! Hadn't been that low in a while. It's been high 150's or even low 160's. I chalk it up to cross country starting last week so I ran more plus I ate less due to my busy schedule. I'm going to try to keep it in the low 150's.

Speaking of cross country, we did start last Monday. Last week was great. It was challenging and busy but I enjoyed it. I'm really going to enjoy this team. Our first night was eventful. A storm hit and we didn't get to even run. So instead, we cleaned out our field house which was on the schedule for later anyways. It now looks great and I'm enjoying my new office there. That makes 3 offices for me. The highlight of the week for me was Friday. It's a Friday tradition to play Ultimate Frisbee and I joined the guys. It was so much fun. They really get into it and I really enjoyed playing. Can't wait for this Friday. I'll keep you posted on our season. It's still in the beginning stages right now.

Now to the Chicken thing - I'm officially registered for my first 10K!! The Run-Chicken-Run event put on by Chick-Fil-A in Murfreesboro, TN will be Sept. 11. I was on the fence and waiting to see my CC schedule, but I'm good to go. One of my goals for the year was to do my first 10K and it looks like it's going to happen. I've updated my next race countdown above. Looking forward to it. It'll fit in nicely during my marathon training that I've started.

That's about it for now. I meant to update this sooner but again - so busy. What else is new? :)

Keep runnin',