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Monday, March 29, 2010

Fried Ipod for Sale


I posted last week that I would run 14 yesterday "rain or shine". Since I skipped last week (on accident), I vowed to run the 14 this week. I knew it was going to rain. Every forecast called for it. I heard it during the night. I knew it was going to be a rough morning.

I set my alarm for 4:30 (not 5:30 like last week - checked it several times). When it went off, I woke up ready to run. I was hoping and praying that the rain had tapered off. I immediately went to the front door and looked outside. No such luck. Pouring rain. I stood at the door for a good minute contemplating. A huge part of me just doesn't want to run in the rain. It's a lot harder. The rain hitting your face. Your soaking clothes weighing you down. Wet shoes. Avoiding puddles. I wasn't sure if I was ready for it. For a few seconds I decided to put it off, go back to bed, and try to do it this morning (Monday) instead. But then I remembered what I had put in the post. Rain or Shine. I knew I had to run or I would let down my 3 readers. I'd also let myself down. I had to do it.

I have gotten very dependent on my Ipod. Maybe that's bad, but I really enjoy listening to it while I run. And I've run with it in the rain before. I always keep it in my pocket so it doesn't get soaked, but it's definitely gotten wet before. I figured it could take a little rain. But just to be safe, I put it in a ziploc bag before putting it in my pocket. I figured it would be perfectly fine. I was wrong.

About 4 miles in, it just stopped. I took it out of my pocket and tried to turn it back on. Wouldn't work. I figured it was maybe out of battery, although I had charged it the night before. I was bummed but continued running figuring it would work later. I tried to turn it on again around mile 10 or so. This was probably my mistake. I probably should have left it off and maybe could've salvaged it. When I tried to turn it on, it came on but was acting funny. It said it was charging which it clearly wasn't. And nothing would play. I could scroll to any song but none would work. It was also making a weird static noise in my ears. So I turned it off, still in the ziploc, and decided to wait until I got home. It hasn't come on since. I think it's dead. I searched Google for wet Ipod and all signs point to the strong possibility that it shorted out. I still don't understand. It didn't get that wet in that bag. It's definitely gotten wetter before. Maybe it was its time. But I'm very sad. I use that thing all the time. I'm probably going to bite the bullet, pull out some savings and buy a new one this weekend. I may get a nano since it's a little cheaper than what I had. But I need one. One thing's for sure, if I do get a new one, I won't run with it if there's even a hint of rain. I can't imagine running 16 next weekend without it. If anyone wants to contribute to the "buy a poor teacher a new Ipod fund," let me know.

Carter and I ran 2 1/2 yesterday. His longest. There was a tough hill on the route that I had forgotten about so our time was a little slower (22:57 - 9:10 pace) but still good. His first 5K is in less than 2 weeks.

Hope everyone has a good week. Don't shower with your Ipod. That's my tip of the week.

Keep runnin',


  1. If you are just going to use your iPod for running, I recommend getting a Shuffle. You can pick one up for $50. I have a Nano that I used to run with and when I switched from Nike+ to my Garmin, there was no need to run with the Nano anymore. The Shuffle is small and you can barely notice it.

  2. That's too bad about the iPod...I've run with my iPod and iPhone in the rain and never had that problem.

    I would definitely check out the smaller versions if all you do is run with it. A nice light iPod would be great!

    2.5 miles is awesome and a 9:10 pace with a tough hill is super.

  3. Sorry about the ipod. I have the new shuffle. It clips to my collar and it holds over 300 songs and it maybe the size of a gum stick. I love it. So far it has survived the freezing cold at Disney and the rain and the heat coming back here. And it was only 48.99 at Walmart.
    Congrats on the awesome time , mileage with the hill!