What can I say? I love to run. I've run 4 full marathons and 6 halfs. But I love God more and I'm determined to run this race of life for Him to receive the ultimate prize of Heaven. I'd like to share my thoughts with you. You can agree or disagree. Comment or don't. You can read or not read. But it's here if you want it. Enjoy! .

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stupid Pool!


Ok, this has nothing to do with running but I'm about to go drain our new above ground pool after we've almost filled it up. It's very lopsided. I thought we got the ground level underneath, but apparently not. Arrrrgggh! Very frustrating. Apparently we have zero level ground in our yard b/c this is clearly the flattest piece and it still didn't work. I have spent hours today setting it up and it kills me that we have to start over. Oh well. Life ain't fair I guess. I'll live. Back to running....

I ran this morning for the first time in 9 days. I wasn't sure how much to run. I probably should've started out smaller but I decided to do 8 miles. I was going to do my normal Sunday 12. Then I thought that would probably be way too much to start out on so I went to 10. Then I smarted up a little more and settled on 8. Again, I probably should've just done 3 or 4 to start back up but the 8 went fine. The good news was that my ankle didn't really hurt at all. That was what I was worried about. It was a little bit of a tough run though just because I could feel that I hadn't run in a while. My legs were a little tight and I got tired pretty quick but I knew I'd make it. Overall, it was a good run and I ran it in an average of 8:30 per mile which is a little slow for me but not bad. One thing I need to do more of is to stretch AFTER my run. I don't usually do that but I'm going to try to start. Or even at random times. I think that will help my ankle to not start hurting again.

Last thing - I think I found my 10K. One of my goals this year was to run a 10K since I've never run that distance. At our Memorial Day 5K, I found a brochure for the Chick-Fil-A 10K on September 11 (my birthday coincidentally). It is in Murfreesboro, TN which is only 30 min. away. As long as my team doesn't have a Cross Country meet that day, I should be good to go. And I don't think they will. A few days after I got the brochure, a friend mentioned that I should run it and that she had before so that was a sign that I've picked the right race. I'm still gonna wait a little while to register to make sure I don't have conflicts, but that should be my next official race. Too hot to do any this summer! It's supposed to be 99 degrees here tomorrow. YUCK! Too bad we don't have a pool to cool off in. Arrggghhh - again!

Ok, off to drain. Hope everyone has a great week!

Keep runnin',


  1. Hope you got the pool all settled - that is a frustration for sure.

    Glad you first run back went so well. Stretching after a run is a good idea. I too sometimes neglect this, but I know I feel a lot better when I actually stretch!

    Chick-Fil-A 10K - sounds like fun. I've been looking for a 10K too. I've never run a race that distance and think it would be fun!

  2. Glad your ankle is better.Chic fila is a yummy place to eat. I wish they would do a 10k here.
    It's on your birthday!!! Run it...
    Stay cool,good luck with the pool.