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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Going! Not Sure About Coming Home??


Well, I'm going to Disney. Again. I booked my flight yesterday to travel down on Jan. 7 for the Goofy Challenge!! I'm very excited. I could only book my flight down because Southwest opened up their flight schedule yesterday through Jan. 7. I couldn't book my flight home. But I didn't want to miss out on the flight and wait several months for them to open it up more. So I know I'm going. Hopefully I'll get the flight home. If not, I could stay there for a while. Nobody at home really needs me, right?

I'll be traveling down to WDW on Friday, Jan. 7. I'll check in and head straight for the Wide World of Sports to register for the races. I'll run the half on Saturday, the full on Sunday, and then stay Monday to enjoy the latest Disney perk. Disney just came out with a new deal for this year's race. Anyone who runs the full on Sunday (not half - sorry halfers) gets to enter a park of their choice on Monday. Nice deal. I was thinking about getting a one day pass, but now I won't have to. Now I just have to decide which park to go to on Monday. I'll fly home Monday afternoon/evening so I won't have a full day in the park but a few hours will be fun. So now I'm officially official. I have to go. Don't want to waste a flight. Can not wait for this trip.

Not running this week has been weird but like I said, I have enjoyed the extra time. I've been living it up on this vacation. Naps. Reading. Playing games with the boys. Next week it's back to the grind. I still plan to start back Sunday and run. My ankles still hurt a little in the mornings. Hope I'm helping them by taking this week off. Not sure what I'll do Sunday. Time will tell. That's it for now. I also posted a similar report on the "Goofy Running" blog. Hoping more will post there as the race approaches. More later.

Keep runnin',

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  1. Woohoo - SEE YOU THERE!!!! I am doing the same thing, booking the flight to. They have the perfect flight time there and it's non-stop and I don't want to miss out on getting the flight I want. I wish they would have opened the schedule up a little further out so I could have booked both flights.

    Hope the week off heals you up and you get back to your running routine.

    Glad you're enjoying your vacation!