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Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Gonna Be Weird


I'm not going to run for the next week. Say what? Yep, that's what I said. It's been a while - 3 years maybe - since I've taken a full week off. I usually take it easy after a marathon or half but I've never not run at all. I'll usually at least do a couple of 3 mile runs. But I'm taking the full week off. Actually, the last time I ran was Thursday so I'm taking 9 days off. I won't run again until Sunday, June 20. The reason??? Tendonitis. Tendinitis. Tinden... my ankle hurts. I went to the doctor during the last week in May and explained that my ankles often hurt, especially in the morning. And it's right on the bone. Especially my left one. He said it's tendonitis. He said of all the running injuries, that's the "best" one to get, but he recommended taking some time off. He said 2 weeks. I'll give him 9 days. I wasn't going to do it. My son and I had that race on Memorial Day so I knew I couldn't do it before that. And then, summer really began and I had more time to run. But the last few days, they've been hurting more than usual. Plus, I'm on vacation, so what better time to take off. I ran 21 miles this week and it was fine once I got going, but the first mile for each of the runs was tough. And the mornings after were ouchy. So I'll give it a shot. It's gonna be tough. I feel weird not running. Especially since I'm on vacation and we're eating a lot! I need to run. We will be walking some and swimming, but I enjoy running here. I'll be honest and say I'll enjoy the extra time away from running and not dealing with the heat, but it'll still be tough. I'm a little worried about losing my training, but I guess 9 days isn't too bad. Not sure how I'll start back, but I'll have to get back into it quick and start eating well again b/c I'm sure I'll gain a little weight. I actually already have since summer began.

But I'll get back into it. And I'll take the weight off once again. Gotta start thinking Chicago training for October fairly soon. Well, that's it. Quick update. Not sure when I'll post again b/c I won't be running. But I'll try to soon. Even though I won't, don't forget to...

Keep runnin',

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  1. I'm glad that you're listening to the Dr and taking some time to heal. I hope it helps and that you'll be feeling tip top once you start back up.

    Enjoy your vacation and try not to dwell on the not running part.