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Thursday, September 29, 2011


SYATP? What is that? It looks kindof like "shut up" - not that I would ever use those words. They're dirty in our house. But it does look like a gangster way to say "shut up." Say what? Here's what I mean.....I used to watch Bugs Bunny every single Saturday morning. What a great cartoon. There ain't nothin' like that anymore. I even ordered the DVD's and have introduced Bugs to my kids. They love it. It's laugh out loud funny to me. Yosemite Sam is my personal favorite, but they're all great. Except Pepe Le Pew. Never could stand him. One of my favorite episodes is when the 2 bad guys escape with Bugs but of course he keeps messing with them as they try to elude the cops. Anyways, more than once, one of the bad guys says "shut up rabbit." But it sounds more like "Syatp rabbit." Ok, that was a long way to get to that point, but that's what I thought of when I saw it. Again - I'm a little strange. Do you know what SYATP really stands for?

I heard about it on the news yesterday morning. I had already heard of it, but I did realize yesterday was the day. Apparently, on the 4th Wednesday in September, "See You At The Pole" happens all over the country....actually all over the world. It began as the work of a single youth group in Texas in 1990. It spread simply by word of mouth and today, several million around the country and planet participate. The advice is to gather around your school's flagpole (if you have one) at 7AM on that day to pray. It has met conflict of course. After several objections and lawsuits, any student can participate, but teachers cannot. The schools cannot encourage or discourage it. They must stay out of it. Like I said, I heard about it on the news today. They also discussed how some teachers must sign a card understanding they will face discipline if they participate. There have been instances right here in Tennessee where teachers and coaches have gotten in trouble for simply bowing their heads during a student-led prayer. I cannot comprehend how low and worldly our country and it's leaders must be to allow that to be ok. Government workers cannot even bow their head when they want to. That's not freedom! I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER work in a public school for that very reason. I will work at McDonalds (nothing against the fry guys out there - I worked there once) before I work at a place that won't allow you to pray, let alone bow your head.

I try to stay out of politics. I don't like it. I just try to serve my God. He's told me and I know that this world is evil. Things like this are going to happen. The world won't cease to be evil. We can try to make it better and we should, but it will never be perfect. Oh believe me, I'd love to do something about this. For some reason, hearing this on the news this morning made me angry. Most government things don't. I know a lot of people that complain about the government, the economy, Obama. Whatever. That's their right. But not me. Maybe I should care more but I just feel that complaining does nothing. Actions do I guess. But I honestly don't care. Our country is never going to be "right" or "perfect". It will never be where everyone is happy. So I don't care about the politics and government stuff. Maybe that's wrong and maybe I should. I'm just trying to continue my path to Heaven and bring as many as I can with me. That being said, this prayer thing did make me upset. Maybe because it's more spiritual centered and not just government centered. I don't like anybody messing with anyone's spiritual practices. And I wish there was something I could do...we could do. There has to be enough people out there that agree that teachers should be able to pray if they want. That they should be able to participate in SYATP. There has to be more that agree than those who don't. Right? Maybe not, but I think so. I'm not sure what I can do. I know I can pray. And I will. My prayer today is that God will allow people to talk to him publicly if they want to and not feel threatened if they do. My prayer today is for those teachers, coaches, and government workers who have to hide who they really are and whose they really are. My prayer is that they stand up for their beliefs and rights....that they stand up for God. I know God says to follow the government and abide by the rules, but not when it takes Him away, right? As Christians, we shouldn't stand for that.

I feel very very blessed to work in a place where I can say all day long who I am and whose I am. And I can tell others about it and try to bring them along for the ride. I don't make any money, but I don't care. Being allowed to proclaim my faith is worth more than any salary I could ever make. And I will never give that up. Maybe this is more of a soapbox than it should be but it just got under my skin a little so I thought I'd share. If you are reading and your rights are limited.....if you are reading and you are threatened for serving our God......if you are reading and you're not allowed at the pole.....all I would say is stand firm. Look for a way out if possible. If not, look for a way to fight this ridiculous injustice. I'm on your side. God is too. Rest assured that one day soon, you'll be in a place where you can stay at the "pole" all day long. Forever. You see, I'm thinking that maybe God has a flagpole right in the center of Heaven. I'll be there singing His praises. Come join me.

See You At The Pole!

I love God, Griffin, my Girl, and my Guys.

Keep runnin'. The PRIZE awaits. (Php. 3:14)


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