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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TV or not TV

Television. That's a tricky one. Or is it? Is it really that bad? Is it really blog-topic worthy? Are you just fishin' in the dark here, Thweatt? Or is it a serious topic? Obviously I think it is or I wouldn't have chosen it. But there's a reason why I did? I saw something that I wish I hadn't. More on that in a second....

I remember watching a lot of TV as a kid. We had a big ole' 32 inch TV in our playroom. Well...that was big then. I even remember when we got a remote for the first time. It was not wireless. It was wireful. Or wired. Or whatever. It had a wire. A cord....that went all the way to the TV. On the remote was only one big knob that you could turn to access the channels. I remember when we got cable too. I was so excited. Our channels had quadrupled or five-tupeled or whatever the word is. I just sat there a-flippin' all day long. I remember my older sister and I staring at MTV all the live-long day just waiting for Thriller to come on. When it did we would scream and then sit and watch the nearly 14 minute long video. Then we'd sit and wait for it again. I don't think I had time limits on TV watching. I'm sure my mom will correct me should she read this, but I remember watching a lot. But of course, that was when TV was clean, wasn't it? Probably not. I'm sure I saw things I shouldn't have. I don't really remember any of them, but I'm sure I did. But it couldn't have been as bad as it is now, right? They actually had rules then on what you could and couldn't do or say. Those rules seem to have now gone bye-bye. It's certainly gotten worse. Do you agree? Back to what I saw recently.....

So I was working out the other morning. I was on the elliptical doing some serious exercise. Major ellipticing. I was in the new Lipscomb SAC weight room which I mentioned previously as being very nice. Brand new machines. Big room. Several TV's. I usually don't pay much attention to the TV's unless Sportscenter is on or something. I did catch myself watching Titanic the other day. It was on one of the TV's. I'm manly enough to admit that. But I generally don't watch them much. I listen to my Ipod instead. And that's just what I was doing. I was listening to my tunes when a spiritual song came on. I can't remember what it was....maybe "How Great is our God." I love that song. But right in the middle, it was ruined. I looked up and MTV happened to be on one of the TV's and they just happened to be showing the most controversial moments in the MTV video awards history. I couldn't believe what they were showing. I just happened to look up during one of the Brittney Spears songs and saw way more of ole' Brittney than I wanted to see. I immediately looked down and tried to focus on my music instead. My immediate thought was how ironic that I was listening to a song about how wonderful our God is and right in front of me was obvious evidence of how evil this world is. I'll admit that in the past, I may have looked at that TV a little too long. But I've really been trying to evaluate everything I do and see. I'm not perfect, but I've really been trying to keep my mind and heart clean and not look at things that I know go against God. This was an obvious one against Him.

I think TV is something that a lot of people make excuses for. I know I have in the past. "It's not that bad" or "they don't say or show that much" or "I watched it when I was a kid". That was my favorite excuse. I did it so what's wrong with it. What IS wrong with it? Is TV all bad? Should we do away with it altogether? What's too far? Where's the line? I think it's gotten tough these days. It's just getting worse and worse. They are allowing so much more on TV. They're line has changed. But should ours? I don't think so.

I'm really trying not to sound all "holier than thou." Sorry if it's coming across that way. I just think if we're being honest, there are a lot of things on that box we shouldn't be watching. There are a lot of things that God wouldn't want us watching. It always goes back to WWJD? Be honest. You know what He'd do. And again - I'm not perfect. I still occasionally find myself watching things I probably shouldn't. It's difficult....I know. There are very entertaining shows out there, but some just go too far. It's also hard because I love TV. I love to sit back and watch, especially if I've had a rough or long day.

Now don't get me wrong, there are still some good things on there too. To answer my earlier question, no I don't think we should do away with it altogether. I absolutely love sitting down with my family to watch a good clean show. We have gotten into game shows. Love GSN. There's also a lot of good family game shows on other channels as well. And there are other channels and shows we watch, but we try to be very careful about what our family watches. Just trying to live for God every second of every day. Isn't that what we're supposed to do? Is watching one bad program going to condemn us? I don't know. Probably not, but I don't know. But why do it? Why show God that's the kind of person you are? After all He's done for us? Really?

Just something to think about. I have been and just thought I'd share.

I love God, Griffin, my Girl, and my Guys.

Keep runnin'. The PRIZE awaits. (Php. 3:14)


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  1. your Mom did read it and I beg to differ....you DID have time limits to your tv watching. However, you're right that we didn't have to worry so much about content as today's parents