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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Wait!

Still in Heaven here....a.k.a.....Raddison. Only one more night. How will I be able to leave? When you've found paradise, how can you possibly go back to normal? Actually, I'm being a little dramatic. I miss my wife and son a lot!! And I can't wait to see them. It's been a good trip here in Durham, NC, but home is always a great place to go back to. I've really enjoyed using the Fitness room here at the Raddison. It's very nice. I've been doing 2-a-days. It really makes me want to join a gym of some sort. I'll have to talk to the wife about that one. Max has really enjoyed being here too. He told me yesterday that he really loves the church here and when I asked why, he said because they have the softest carpet to run around on. He told me our carpet at our own church is too hard. I'll have to talk to the elders about that. Glad he loves being here for the right reasons. :)

Today we visit Duke University. Excited about that. Get to see the famous gardens, chapel, the football stadium and the baseketball gym. Really excited about that one. We also get to go to a Ronald McDonald House....not for lunch, well maybe....but one of their places of service. I've certainly heard of them, but ashamed to say I've never been to one. We are supposed to visit with some who are there as well as do some work such as cleaning and possibly baking. Think I'll stick to cleaning. Actually, the Ronald McDonald House has led me to a race in the fall. I've committed to running a 5K for the charity in September. For now, that's my only race on the agenda. I'm excited to have something out there.

I've got a weakness. Actually I have several but we don't have to get to them all today. But I have one that became evident to me recently. I'm impatient. When I get my mind set on something, I want to get it done now. Or if I have a question or want to know some information, I have to find it out now or as soon as humanly possible. I struggle sometimes with decisions. Even as I type this, there are things that I along with my wife and family are trying to decide. I've learned to talk to God and ask Him to lead me in the right direction. In years past, I would just go with how I felt. I would make decisions quickly and often without prayer. Now I definitely discuss major decisions with God. I want Him to guide me. I know He ultimately lets me choose, but I still need His help to see every angle and consider the consequences of both possiblities. And I want every decision to lead me closer to God, not further away. But what I recently realized is that I don't want to wait on God's decision or guidance. I want God to choose A or B. I want Him to just say, "Albert, you should pick this." I want the answer now. That's not how I should be.

I think there is a very good reason that PATIENCE is a fruit of the Spirit. It's something we need the Spirit to give us. We often talk about the "peace that passes all understanding." I received that from the Spirit after Griffin's death. There's no way I could've made it without that peace. But while I still need that, now my prayer is for the patience that passes understanding. That has to exist as well, right? I'm asking God for the patience of the Holy Spirit today. I need to understand that God answers all my prayers but according to His plan and on His time. And He might have an answer I'm not even thinking of. He may have a total different direction He wants me to go that's much much better. I realize that I can't understand every decision God has for me or why things happen the way they do. The Bible says that just as the Heavens are above the Earth, so is God above me. I could never understand how He thinks and operates. I could never understand His plan. So I trust in Him to lead me to what's best on his own time, NOT ON MINE. This is something I'll have to continue to work on and talk to God about. But I know it's what He wants me to understand. I'm thankful that He's taught me this recently.

I love Griffin and I love God.

Keep runnin'. The PRIZE awaits. (Php. 3:14)


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