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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Survivor"ing - Part II

Boy did I run yesterday! We took the 6th grade to Sevier Park for their "good conduct reward day" for this final grading period. We spent the whole day there. And I spent almost 2 hours playing Ultimate Frisbee with them. I don't know exactly how far I ran, but I think it had to be at least 3 miles - probably more. I love that game and I had a blast. They really got into it. We played that last year too. I'm hoping it becomes tradition. Only 4 full and 4 half days left. I'm ready for Summer. I've enjoyed another year of teaching, but am always ready at the end of the year for a break.

Ok, slightly different kindof post today. Just a follow up on Monday's post. Not too much spiritual message in this one. Here's the deal - I had some good response from Monday's post on Survivor. And one friend in particular disagreed with my thoughts on Rob deserving the win. I won't mention this friend's name but it starts with a J.J. and ends with a Dillingham. Since we're not friends anymore after our disagreement, who cares if I mention his name. :) Totally kidding - we had a fun back-and-forth email about our thoughts. We agreed it was all in good fun and we also agreed to disagree. But it made me think and wonder if I'm wrong. You may have to read the post below if you haven't yet, but basically I said that the show is just a game and any strategy (even lying and deceiving others) is acceptable. My friend disagreed. He thought that how you played was how you lived and even though it's a game, you should always act how God expects you to. (Feel free to comment "friend" if I mistake what you said)

After considering his opinion and thinking a lot on the subject, I totally understand his point. Nothing should keep us from acting like Jesus at all times. We should all have morals and live the life that God calls us to live. However, I still feel like in a game situation that is not "real life," we are allowed to do whatever it takes to win. Unfortunately some players in Survivor take the game to be real life (especially when they get voted out) and they shouldn't. It's a game. I know I keep saying that but they should go into it knowing that someone might deceive them to get further in the game. If they think everyone's going to be nice and be totally honest the whole time, then they shouldn't play. That's how you play the game. That's how you win. It's one of the almost-necessary strategies of this game.

Now, that being said, did Matt do that? No, he didn't. And that's admirable. I think it's possible to win and keep your morals, but I think it's more difficult for sure. I just think if we're going to put our best and our all into winning a game, sometimes we have to act differently then we normally would. Case in point - I'm a quiet guy. Anyone want to "amen" that? However, last Saturday, I actually ran onto the field towards an umpire to yell after a ridiculous call against my team. (sorry team if I embarrassed but it actually felt kindof good) But here's the point - That's not me! I don't do that. But I wanted to win and I wanted to win fairly. And he was being unfair so I did something I wouldn't normally do. Now, I realize that I didn't lie or deceive, but those things aren't needed in baseball. If those things were allowed and needed to win baseball, I would do it. It's a game. (there we go again) You take whatever strategy needed to win. It's not like Rob broke the rules of the game. The producers or whoever made up the game of Survivor know that those things are part of the game and they expect them.

Finally, the big question......What would I do??? That's a tough one. If I were on Survivor, what strategy would I take? I already said last time that I wouldn't hide my faith. And I wouldn't. Not anymore since God has recently changed my life. I admire Matt so much for proclaiming God. He changed lives. However, I also wouldn't forbid myself to lie if needed to protect myself in the game. I would see it as a part of the game and wouldn't feel guilty about it. And if I got back-stabbed, I would be upset to be out of the game, but not upset at the others. I would congratulate them on a game well-played. I honestly think God would understand that it was all in the context of a game.

But again, I could always be wrong. I'm not a perfect person and I make mistakes - a lot. But again, this is how I feel on this one. I would love to hear other opinions on the subject.

It looks like my missing post (Footprints) isn't coming back so I'll try to recreate it later in the week.

Have a good Wednesday!

I love Griffin and I love God.

Keep runnin'. The PRIZE awaits. (Php. 3:14)



  1. Our conversation made me think, too, and I am not saying I was right either. The biggest question I come back to is when is it okay to put God on the sidelines? Whether Survivor is a game or not, God is with you and how you act reflects Him, no matter where you are or what you are doing. However, God created Survivor and He may be as entertained as the rest of us. Who knows? All I know is that I don't have all the answers. Maybe we can finish our debate over Sweet CeCe's soon. Next time you argue with an ump, throw your hat down and kick dirt on him. That's a sure fire way to get thrown out.

  2. Your Survivor posts reminded me of the Survivor season a few years back when the older guy, a policeman, I think, won. I seem to remember that he didn't have a single vote against him the whole season. My memory, with plenty of time in between for details to get fuzzy, is that he seemed like a class act.

    I haven't watched Survivor for a while, are Rob and Amber still together?

  3. Hmmm...It is an interesting thought. I would never do one of these "games" because I can't pretend or do the things I would need to in order to win. That's something I know about myself so wouldn't put myself in the position to have to decide.

    It's sort of like Biggest Loser - one of my guilty pleasures. I love the challenges, workouts, etc...I would absolutely love to have the experiences they have, but I would be kicked off immediately as I couldn't play the game the way it would need to be played in order to win.