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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is It Even Possible?


I got a new Ipod!! As you'll remember, my old one went to Ipod Heaven the day I ran with it in the rain, even though it was INSIDE A ZIPLOC BAG IN MY POCKET! Stupid humid air inside the bag. I hated to spend the money, but I knew I needed something. It's tough to do those long runs with nothing to listen to. At least it is for me. I decided to not get the Ipod classic as I had. It's just too much space and too much $$. I don't need that much. I got the Nano instead and I love it. It's smaller, cheaper, and has many new features that my other one didn't like a voice recorder (could I do a podcast with it?), video camera, radio, and the list goes on. Yes, it's only 16GB instead of 80 like my old one, but I filled it up with everything I had and I still have 11 left. I think it'll be just fine. I also got an arm band and have been putting it on that instead of carrying it in my pocket. So much better. Now I can wear short shorts with no pockets and my pasty but beautiful legs can be the talk of the neighborhood again. I got purple. I don't know why. Color doesn't matter but I figured since they were offering that I wouldn't get just white or black. Boring. So I went for purple. Still dark and manly but pretty at the same time.

So this Saturday is my fourth half marathon. Yikes, gettin' close. I haven't run one since October of 2008. That was in 1:35. My fastest is April of 2008 in 1:34:44. I would love to beat that but I ask the title of this post again. Is it even possible? I mean I know it's possible but I have no idea if I'm in shape to do that. Most of my long runs lately have been done with 7:30-8:00 miles. and for 1:34:43 (a new PR), I would need to run 7:12 average for each mile. I know I can do a few at that pace, but 13??? I just don't know. I'm just going to stick with my plan to try and stay with the 1:30 pacer knowing I can drop off at the end if needed. We'll see. I'm cautiously optimistic but I'm not going to get my hopes too far up. Who knows what could happen.

The Boston marathon was yesterday. I watched the live feeds on the Boston marathon website. Oh to have been there watching (or dare I say running). If the qualifying times were just 10-15 min. slower, I think I would have a shot, but they seem to be out of reach at this point. I'll never say never, but it would take a lot. I was rooting for Ryan or Meb of course. They got 4th and 5th respectfully. Here is a video of Ryan Hall's post race interview:

I'll try to post one more time before the big race Saturday and then I'll post a race report Sat. night or Sunday. Have a great week!

Keep runnin',


  1. Love your blog, Albert.
    Good luck in beating that PR this weekend.

  2. That slick goober ran the Boston Marathon almost as fast as I ran the half. I feel like just throwing my medal in the trash. Good luck this weekend, Albs. I hope it's cold and drizzling.

  3. Good luck on the PR.

    Congrats on the new iPod - I'm sure it's a necessity if you like to listen to music out there.

    I was rooting for Meb especially - Ryan too. I would have loved to see one of them podium, but still respectable finishes!