What can I say? I love to run. I've run 4 full marathons and 6 halfs. But I love God more and I'm determined to run this race of life for Him to receive the ultimate prize of Heaven. I'd like to share my thoughts with you. You can agree or disagree. Comment or don't. You can read or not read. But it's here if you want it. Enjoy! .

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zoo Run Update


I just ran 12 miles in the pouring rain. I am drenched. I almost turned around and decided to wait on it but I decided to stick it out. Glad I did.

Just a quick update on yesterday's Zoo Run. The results have now been posted and they have me at 19:55. I know it's just 7 seconds, but I really think they are off. They have my gun and chip time as the same but I didn't cross the line at the same time as the gun. It was about 5 seconds after the gun went off before I crossed the line. But I'll go with their time. It gives me a better chance of PR-ing in the future. I also found out from the results site that I won my age group!! I've never won my age group. I think I would've gotten a prize, but I left right after the race. Oh well. I may call and see if it's still available.

Ok, gotta go get ready for church. I'm freezing!! Have a good Sunday!!

Keep runnin',


  1. Great job on the 12 miles in the rain - that can certainly be tough!

    First place in your age group - awesome! I hope you can still get your prize :)! Most of the 5K's I run in aren't chip timed so they are usually off, so I know how frustrating that can be. I like your idea of using their time so that you can PR again in another race.

  2. YAY!!!! 12 in the rain. Amazing. And your zoo race was quick. Wow. Congrats on 1st place!
    Have a great week!