What can I say? I love to run. I've run 4 full marathons and 6 halfs. But I love God more and I'm determined to run this race of life for Him to receive the ultimate prize of Heaven. I'd like to share my thoughts with you. You can agree or disagree. Comment or don't. You can read or not read. But it's here if you want it. Enjoy! .

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Long Run


Just a quick post to say my last long run before my marathon is done. I just finished 22 miles in 3:06, averaging just under 8:30 per mile. I am very happy with my time. I was expecting around 3:20. This gives me even more confidence that I can do this marathon under 4 hours. It felt great this morning. I could tell I was going fast. My legs did start to get that numb feeling with about 3 miles left but I made it home fine. I just hope I can do that last 4 miles on race day. It's a little scary to stop at 22 miles but that's what all the programs recommend.

Now I'll start my taper with 12 miles next week and probably 10 the week before the race. I'm about to go turn on the oven to surprise the family with cinnamon rolls this morning. That's just as much my reward as it is theirs. But I figure I deserve them after running 22 miles. And Max picked California Pizza Kitchen for lunch today. Even more reward.

I'll write more about the marathon at some point this week. Hope everyone has a great week.

Keep runnin',


  1. Last year, I ran 2 marathons. One I finished, 1 I did not! My final long run was also 22 miles. It was a mojor form of achievement for me. I am nowhere as fast as you are. Icommend you for your training and your ability!
    Keep us posted!

    Now my half? 12 miles next weekend and twelve the week before the half... Ah, training schedules!

  2. Good luck Albert. I stumbled upon your other blog about the Goofy somehow, and followed it over here. I'm running it (the Goofy) this year (though I'm a good bit slower than you are), and I also have a strong affinity for Disney as well as running. I'll be posting on it at my blog (www.runningdoc.net) after it's over. I'll let you know how it was.