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Friday, December 2, 2011

The NFL - Never Forget Love

I'm not running anymore. Just thought I'd throw that out there because (1) this started as a running blog and (2) people keep asking me how running is going or when my next race is. I haven't run in probably close to 2 months. I just can't shake this foot (heel) pain. I haven't given up completely. I'm hoping the pain will go away one day. But I've resolved to the fact that my running days may be far away or possibly even over. I do miss it. Every once in a while I get a strong urge to run a race. Call me crazy, but I remember what it felt like to get up at 4AM and run 20 miles and I actually miss it. I honestly hope I can do it again but we'll see. Right now, I'm in the habit of getting up early and going to workout. I do 30 min. of elliptical and then 30 min. of lifting. I love it but I still miss the running and the races.

Christmas decorations are up. I actually got the lights on the house about a week ago but everyday something has gone out or not worked right. I think yesterday I finally fixed all the problems. I even had a friend donate one more huge inflatable and it's perfect. Our lawn is the gaudiest it's ever been and I love it. Went to an awesome concert at Lipscomb Univ. the other night to start off the Christmas season. Amy Grant hosted and it included an amazing group of singers, including my son in the 4th grade chorus. I actually thought he was the best one but I guess the others were pretty good too. :) They sang a lot of my favorite songs and it was a lot of fun....especially for a free concert!

So I love the NFL. I like sports in general but I love watching football more than anything. Every Sunday we gather around the TV and watch the Titans game.....just the four of us. I love that time. I enjoy keeping up with the other teams too and watching the playoff race. I also enjoy watching the stats for my fantasy football team. Yes I have one....make that two.....make that four in the family. Carter and Max each have one. I used to think fantasy football was silly. People asked me why I didn't play and I said I didn't care about it. The truth was that I really didn't know what it was so I assumed it was something silly. I was wrong. It's a lot of fun, especially if you're in a league with people you know. However, I have to admit that last year, my first year, I got a little too addicted. How my team did would actually affect my mood. If I lost, it would get me down and I'd dwell on it. I finally had to tell myself to get a grip. It's fantasy!! This year I decided I wouldn't let it affect me. And I've done much better. Sure, I like winning and I try to, but if I don't, it's no big deal. I'm not going to worry about it. I'm trying to instill the same in my sons. It's not easy. They're both very into it. I'm glad they have a passion for something and it's fun to watch them and work on it with them, but I don't want it to become their main focus. But the point was....I love the NFL. I love college ball too, but there's just something about professional football. There are lessons there. I was truly inspired by one this week.

You may have already seen it. The article right there? To you left? Read it if you haven't. In college, Tim Tebow was at the rival school. I've never liked Florida. I'm an Auburn fan. So we don't like Florida. But I couldn't help but admire Tebow. Even in college his spiritually shined. The verses on his eye black.....his post game comments.......it was obvious where his faith was. Then he came and spoke here at Lipscomb. I wish I could've heard him but I didn't get to go. Heard it was great. When he moved to the NFL, I was curious to see how he would do. To be honest, I'm not a huge Broncos fan, but I'm really glad they are doing well since he started 5 games ago. He deserves it. So I already admired him, but after seeing this article......Wow! That's a hero in my book. I'm actually jealous. I wish I had been able to say that to the media. I wish those were my words published nationally. That is exactly how I feel. I don't always show it or live it, but I feel it. And isn't he exactly right. I know what NFL stands for, but maybe in this case it stands for Never Forget Love....as in God's love or Christ's love. Or don't forget to show others that you love Christ like Tebow said. We should all take every opportunity we have to proclaim that we love God for all He's done. We should look for each chance we get to tell of Christ's amazing love and his ultimate sacrifice for us all. I love his analogy to loving your wife as well. Sometimes our love becomes stale and although the love is there, we don't always say it or show it. It shouldn't be that way, especially with God. I'm going to try my best to proclaim my love for God and not be ashamed of it. Like Tebow, I'm going to take advantage of any opportunity I get to give God the honor and glory he deserves. And I won't apologize for it, even if it's criticized. I think that's what expected of me. I know it's what He deserves.

I love God, Griffin, my Girl, and my Guys.

Keep runnin'. The PRIZE awaits. (Php. 3:14)


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