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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I've Gotta Goofy Feeling


I'm starting to get excited. It's been hard to get in the mood because I've got so much else going on. From home remodel to baby to Christmas, I haven't had much time to even think about Disney. But today I got the "Final Race Instructions" email. It has the link to print out my waiver for my races. I'll print those tomorrow. But getting that email really helped to sink in that I'm about to go to Disney and run two races in the "Goofy Challenge". And I get to run those races through the parks. That's the most exciting part. I've always loved Disney, but have really gotten into it since I married my crazy, Disney wife. She's obsessed and has gotten me obsessed in our 11 years of marriage. We love going and hate when there is a year we can't go. She and the boys don't get to go in 2011 and I hate that for them. We are planning to go back as a family in 2012. But I get to go in 16 days.

Just a recap of my plans: I will fly out on Friday morning. I've got the first flight out. I'll probably go straight to my hotel, the Pop Century. I've never stayed there before and I'm excited to try out a new place. After I get settled in (I may not be able to check in yet) I'm going straight to the Wide World of Sports to register for the races. I was able to qualify for one of the first corrals. I can't remember which one at the moment. Friday night I will just get a good dinner and relax at the hotel. I'll probably turn in early so I can get up bright and early for the half-marathon. The half is Saturday morning beginning at Epcot, running to Magic Kingdom and back. I'm planning to use this as just a warm-up run for the marathon. I'm not planning on pushing either race but I'm especially not going to push this one. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my marathon the next day. I'm not sure what I'll do Saturday after the half. My parents are coming down to Orlando as well to visit old friends and watch my races. They've offered to take me to a park one day and I may take them up on it for Saturday. I should be done with the race fairly early and should be able to get to a park quickly. I still want to turn in early that night but a little time at the park would be fun. Sunday will be another early morning for the marathon. This race also begins at Epcot and goes to Magic Kingdom, then Animal Kingdom, then Hollywood Studios and back to Epcot. I'm planning to go back to the hotel and rest on Sunday. I'm sure I'll be worn out. I'll try to get out Sunday evening and have another nice celebration dinner. Monday, I'm going back to the park since I get in free!! All marathoners get in free on Monday. I haven't decided which park I'm going to. Maybe Epcot. It's got a lot of options and is probably my favorite park. I have a late flight out Monday evening so I won't get to stay at the park all day but it'll still be fun. I'll fly home Monday evening and watch my Auburn Tigers play in the National Championship that evening. What a great day that will be!

I've still got some nervousness in the back of my mind due to my injury and having run VERY little the last few weeks. But I'm just going to trust my base and do the best I can. I'm definitely not trying to set any PR's or run hard in either race. My goal will be to finish each race in a decent time. I'd love to finish the half in around 2 hours and the full close to 4, but we'll see. I'm just excited to be running through the parks and getting to see everything the Disney races have to offer. Plus, I hope to meet a few running friends while I'm there.

Anyways, can't wait and I think I'll really get excited after the holidays are over. I wish my family could be there with me but it just works best for them to cheer me on at home. I look forward to posting about it on here. It's gonna be a great experience. A once in a lifetime....

If I don't post again before Saturday, hope everyone has a great Christmas and Happy New Year. I plan on posting before the year is up about goals and plans for 2011.

Keep runnin,

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  1. I hope you enjoy Pop Century. I've stayed there several times and I really enjoy it - busy, but the food court is one of the best in my opinion. Tons of options which is great.

    I think you have a smart plan for the races. Try to just enjoy the course, the people and the atmosphere. There's no doubt that you'll do great and have plenty of time!

    Can't believe how close it is and how excited I'm starting to get.