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Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm Heeled! Get it?


Ok, that was a corny joke, I know. Especially since I just realized I twisted my ankle, not my heal. I'm an idiot. But I'm baaaack. I ran for the first time tonight since Sunday's fiasco. Love that word. I wanted to run earlier in the week but figured I better play it safe. I don't think I could've run earlier than Wednesday, maybe Thursday. The ankle was swollen through Tuesday and slightly on Wednesday. It's still slightly tender to the touch and even I roll it a little or stretch it too much, it hurts. But walking on it doesn't hurt, only in the mornings when I wake up.
So I decided today would be the day to give it a shot. Not sure what a doctor would've said. Didn't see one. But I went with the feeling. And the good news is that it felt fine. If anything, my lungs and side hurt more than my ankle. But the run was good. 3 miles in 22:30. Just like old times. I didn't lose anything. It wasn't easy. I hated not running. I mean I enjoyed the free time, but that's it. I missed it. I'm still a little nervous about stepping wrong or re-twisting it. I admit I was watching the road pretty carefully tonight. I know it's still healing and so it's still a little fragile. I'm going to try to get back to my routine this new week but I'm going to really try to watch it carefully. I'll try a longer run tomorrow morning, maybe 6 miles. We'll see how that goes.
I start officially training for Chicago in 2 weeks! Yahoo. It's good to be back.

Keep runnin',

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