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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Co-Hosting Gig. The Runners Round Table.


Ok, I never thought I'd use the word "Gig." But anyways...

I was privileged to be a part of an awesome experience last night. I was invited to serve as co-host of the Runners Round Table podcast. Mike was the host and Lesley and I co-hosted. We interviewed Jan Seely and Joe Henderson from the magazine Marathon and Beyond. Jan is one of the owners and editors of the magazine and Joe is a regular contributor and has written many books himself. You can find, listen and download the show here at the Runners Round Table website or on iTunes. I'll be honest. I hadn't heard of "Marathon and Beyond" before I was asked to do this, but after reading about it in preparation for the show and talking with Jan and Joe, I would love to get this magazine. I think I am getting a free copy in the mail because of a special offer that was made on the show but this may be a late addition to my Christmas list. Their story about how the magazine got its start was amazing and the features inside sound very appealing. It is over 200 pages and is bound more like a book than a magazine. It is something you keep and refer back to. Not something you throw away like most magazines.

Anyways - I loved serving as the co-host and hope to do it again sometime. Yes, I was a little nervous before it began and I wasn't sure what to expect, but once it started, it was smooth sailing. I sat next to my computer with my cheesy mic headset, watched the chatroom, listened and threw a question in when I could. It was just like having a conversation around a table with a great group of people. Hence the name of the show I guess. Oh well - check it out if you have some time. This is a great podcast and I've listened to several other episodes while running.

Shout out to Mike and Lesley. Thanks to you both. It was an honor to work with you and I hope to do it again.

Keep runnin',


  1. I enjoyed co-hosting with you too, Albert! It was fun!

    Does the Nashville Zoo Run actually go through the zoo, or is it just a benefit for it?

  2. Yes, it does actually go through the zoo, every part of it. It's actually a very fun race and neat course. You find yourself looking for the animals instead of watching where you are going.

  3. Way to go Albert; even though I don't really know what a podcast is! Good job!