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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maybe I Should've Kept the Treadmill


Today's weather was perfect. I could've run in shorts and a t-shirt. I chose running pants and a t-shirt because there was a slight breeze, but it felt great. I ran 6 today and yesterday. I'm going to try 14 in the morning again. I haven't checked the weather yet, but it'll probably be cool in the morning again. We've had some extrememly cold mornings this week. One day it was 9 degrees in the morning.

If you look at my running this week, you can see that I took a large break. This was simply because of the weather and the fact that this was an extremely busy week. I had so much to do at school this week and I was swamped. Therefore when I finally got home and had dinner, I was very tired. But the weather was not ideal for running either. It was very cold this week and we had a pretty severe snow storm on Wednesday and Thursday so I could've have run unless I ran on ice the whole time and I didn't want to risk it. These are the days that I wish I had my treadmill back. We sold it on Craigslist about 2 months ago. I rarely used it. I hated running on it. I really can't stand treadmill running. I would do it if I had to but it was torture. Well, not torture but close. But I think this was a week where I would've run on it to get some runs in instead of taking 4 days off. Oh well, I didn't lose anything. The runs yesterday and today felt great. And the treadmill just took up space. We're remodeling our basement and some stuff just has to go.

Well I'm heading to bed. Gotta get up around 4:30 to run. Hope everyone had a good week.

Keep runnin',

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  1. I used to hate the treadmill too, but I actually don't mind it anymore. As long as I have a good book or a good movie to watch I can go for quite a while...

    Glad you've had a couple of good runs despite the weather!